This weeks post is going to be a bit different. I’ve noticed a couple things throughout 2016, and these things are things I want to improve on and build and manifest into something more powerful.

Most people that read this blog are people who don’t know me and have a very faint idea of why I do this. I am a writer by nature, I love writing and reflecting and talking, discussing all things of that sort.

As I got older I was introduced to the world of style, so for a brief while in my high school years I wanted to be a stylist. I love clothing,  I love the power that clothing and the manner in which you choose to dress can enhance you as a person. The fact that you can literally re-invent yourself made me so happy !

As I grew older and life happened to me I was faced with what I like to call my early “mid-life crisis” .

it consisted of one question …


I felt like I was leading a very meaningless life, sure I was the style enthusiast of all my friends,  naturally I took up makeup as well . So I was “that friend”. But there was no point to any of it all and I was stuck . I abandoned my “Paris Hilton” ways and seeked refuge in being spiritual , speaking and conversing with people on a personal level. Really seeing what the world is about and what it has to offer.

Which leads me to LMLV … I recently relaunched this blog site as a lifestyle blog in my effort to refocus my vision for my self and my brand. Obviously my personal brand is a bit different. I am a  muslim girl from Harlem, NYC who literally couldn’t get anymore weird .

But my mission is simple… to help young women world wide reach their goals by helping them find their inner worth and potential!

I use my personal struggles to inspire and uplift

You are Worthy and you are enough, your voice matters no matter how “different” it might be .

2017 here I come


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