Okay sooooo, I’m just a regular degular girl from Harlem !

But like anyone else I sometimes  become really curious about the millions of things social media tries to sell us .  So honestly I just wanted to try it so I bought it .

First off Detoxing is really beneficial for your body. So I became a bit obsessed with them as a freshman in University; because  I was eating terrible, and wanted to cleanse my system of toxins and harmful things .

Tea Detox’s are actually probably the safest most natural way to detox, so I always stick to those. There are pill detoxes, and other harsher things you can do to detox but you would really want to do your research!

Flat Tummy Tea!

-First off the price … I should have just stopped there!

This tea is ridiculously overpriced, but I guess with marketing and promo they get away with it ..

Makeup Deets: RUBY WOO by M.A.C

I purchased the FT TWO , which is the two week system. It is $36  before shipping and handling!

yeah, I know … DUB!

But anyways  I tried the “CLEANSE” pack and honestly it makes you go to the bathroom…. Yes that’s where you get the detoxing factor.

However, Im not trying to do all that, I have classes to attend and places to be, so I personally never tried that pack again !


The “ACTIVATE” pack is what I can really speak on. First off, if you do not like tea DO NOT buy this. If you like very sweetened and “tasty” teas, DO NOT purchase this. It’s cute packaging but it tastes horrible. It is not extremely bitter but it is bitter! It DID NOT give me any energy , but it did help with bloating !

I was significantly less bloated , and had a “flatter stomach” , so it does do what it says . Im sure if I used the “CLEANSE” pack more I would have experienced more of a flat stomach.

This tea’s main ingredient is a leaf called the “SENNA LEAF”. Known for all the things FLAT TUMMY TEA promotes.

-Reduce your bloating
-Support your metabolism
-Help maintain a healthy immune system
-Boost your energy

-Detoxify your system
-Decrease your water retention
-Cleanse your digestive system

To get the exact same results you can purchase any tea with Senna Leaves in it at your local  WHOLE FOODS or Trader JOE’S.




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