Turning… 19!


New age means a new life right , no maybe, kinda , sorta I guess !

Listen it’s been a while and in the midst of all the hustle and bustle I forgot to let you guys know that I turned 19 !


Crazy right! I still remember my 7th surprise birthday party.. I was so shocked and literally ecstatic..


This new age I feel comes with so many levels. Believe it or not I am currently so stressed and overwhelmed. I am going through a process of transferring from a city school to an HBCU , I won’t say which one just yet !

Abaya and Scarf: Dubai      Skirt: Necessary Clothing   Shoes: Necessary Clothing

Im trying to stay on top of my work and my studies , Im trying to balance this personal social life.  I am trying to stay on top of my deen all while still looking cute !


This post I’m not sure who it is for more,  you or ME !

I just wanted to check in and update you guys a bit. Yes I’m living , Im breathing Hamdullilah ❤

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